On January 1, 2017, I had the honor of being sworn in as the 39th Sheriff of Tarrant County.  It was not until I had officially been sworn in that I could truly see where the operations of the Sheriff's Office stood.  I knew there were issues and concerns from the citizens of Tarrant County as well as the team members at the Sheriff's Office.  I knew we could fix them.  It was my vision to create change at the Sheriff's Office while carrying out the mission of being that line between evil and good.

      We immediately began updating policies, empowering the noble men and women that work at the Sheriff's Office, and looking to fill gaps that had been left ignored for the past sixteen years.  We asked for more from our law enforcement members, and they rose to the challenge every time.  Things have not happened as fast as I would like them to.  Government bureaucracy has slowed the change we have been striving for - slowed, not stopped.  The job isn't finished yet, there is still good work to be done to make Tarrant County safer for its citizens as well as the people who work at the Sheriff's Office.  I am running because we can capitalize on the major successes we have made in the past four years and push for even better things over the next four!  We are on the right track, and we must stay the course.  I am humbled to ask for your support for re-election as Sheriff of Tarrant County.

At Your Service,

Bill E. Waybourn

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