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Sheriff Bill Waybourn

Meet Bill: what he stands for, and his vision for the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office!


Early Years

Bill was born just across the border of Texas in a small town called Jal, New Mexico.  He grew up cowboying and working ranches during the summer.

Bill started his career of service in 1978 when he joined the United States Air Force.  After serving his active duty, he moved into the active reserves and began focusing on law enforcement.

Law Enforcement

As a Texas Police Officer, Bill demonstrated exceptional leadership and unwavering integrity.  Because of these traits, Bill was appointed Chief of Public Safety at the age of 24 - Making him the youngest Chief in the State of Texas.  He held that position for 30 years before running for and becoming Sheriff of Tarrant County.



Bill was elected Sheriff of Tarrant County and took office on January 1, 2017.  As Sheriff he stated his vision was to make the Tarrant County SO the best Sheriff's Office in the country.  He wanted to empower the noble people that were working at the Sheriff's Office to be the line between good and evil.  Sheriff Waybourn created new divisions to fill the gaps in the agency.  Bill created the Human Trafficking Division and the Intelligence Division.  Both of these units have been paramount in protecting the residents of Tarrant County and have worked tirelessly to save lives here in Tarrant County, throughout the State of Texas, and across the country!  These and many other divisions are now leading the way for national programs to stem the tide of evil before it destroys more people.

Bill has built relationships with local, state, and national agencies.  Giving our Deputies and Chiefs the ability to work side by side with law enforcement from across the nation. Some of them are; The Federal Bureau of Investigations, the United States Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, the Texas Rangers, and many other law enforcement agencies.

Another priority that Bill worked to expand is re-entry services.  He increased the programs for inmates inside the facility as well as created opportunities for inmates outside the jail to help them re-enter society.  All with the goal of lowering the recidivism rates in Tarrant County.  He has worked to build relationships throughout the community, with local pastors and community leaders, and was proud to create the first annual Christmas for Children of the Incarcerated in 2019.  That program provided Christmas presents for over 800 children who either had parents incarcerated, or who were recently released.  Bill has worked every day in office to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community while never losing sight of the mission to stand between evil and good.

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Bill is married to his wonderful wife Laura and has 10 children.  2 biological and 8 adopted.  He has been a coach, a scout leader, a leader in church and at various non-profits.  Bill and Laura are advocates for adoption and protecting children.

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Bill is a graduate of the Texas A&M Police Academy and holds a Masters Police Certificate, has a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, a Masters Degree in Conflict Management*, a graduate of the FBI National Academy, and over 4,700 hours of police training above and beyond the formal training already mentioned.  Bill has taught at College and Police Institutes covering; criminal justice, firearms, self defense, and criminal procedure.  He has been an expert witness in criminal trials.

*Bill's Masters degree is a seminary degree not accredited in Texas

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