Bill started a career of service in 1978 when he joined the U.S. Air Force.  After serving his active duty, he moved into the active reserves.  As a Texas Police officer Bill demonstrated exceptional leadership and unwavering integrity. Because of Bill's character and leadership he was appointed Chief of police at the age of 24, a position held for over 30 years.

   Bill believes in "Leading from the front." He has been praised throughout his career for his bold leadership, and his ability to think outside the box to solve issues at hand, and preempt issues that arise.

     Bill is married to his wonderful wife, Laura, and they have 9 children.  Bill has been a coach, scout leader, Bible teacher, and is currently involved in many different charitable organizations, including the Peace Officer Angel Foundation.

Bill's Education:


  • Texas A&M Police Academy

  • Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

  • Master's Degree in Conflict Management*

  • Graduate of the FBI National Academy

  • Over 4700 hours of police training above and beyond the formal training already mentioned

  • College and Police Instructor teaching criminal justice, firearms, self defense, and criminal procedure



      *Bill's masters degree is a seminary degree not accredited in Texas.

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