"I am humbled and overwhelmed with encouragement to run for Sheriff of Tarrant County.  This is an office that has tremendous importance in the safeguards of the liberties we enjoy. The daily actions of law enforcement are the filters of the Constitution at work, and the Sheriff is part of the front line of such safeguards."

                                                                    At Your Service,

                                                                            – Bill Waybourn



"It is all of us who must defend a child in need, anything less is a moral failure."

Whether peace officer or citizen, we are all called to defend the children.  We must never tolerate abuse - regardless of whether it is physical, medical, or emotional neglect. Law enforcement has a duty to respond with great urgency, and be relentless in gathering the truth, to advocate for justice and the best interests of the the child.


George Washington said, "The power under the Constitution of the United States will always be in the people." Individual rights must always be protected. Without them, there is nowhere to go but down.

The entire Bill of Rights shoud be in the forefront for every law enforcement officer.  No law enforcement authority, Governor, or President should deprive good, law abiding citizens the resources to protect their lives or families.


If we ignore our veterans and first responders, how long can we expect the bells of freedom to continue to ring?

Every citizen in the United States owes a debt to the men and women of our armed forces and our first responders.

Chris Kyle said it best: "It is our duty to serve those who serve us."


A country that fails to secure its own borders is a country that is constantly fighting invasion. To secure a more perfect union, it is our essential responsibility to secure our borders.


Drinking and driving is a matter of personal responsibility.  However, police officers who fail to enforce DWI laws commit a moral abdication of their duties.


There are several planks of the 2014 Republican party that land directly in line with the Sheriff's responsibilities, and I absolutely share and support that vision.  These are the responsibilities that I have long proudly borne, and as Sheriff I will continue to execute, with passion and with a great sense of urgency.

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