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     What an amazing night celebrating heroes from all walks of life! I was completely humbled by the more than 500 people that preserved the downpour of rain and high winds!  Chuck, Gena, and Aaron Norris were amazing hosts for the event. Taya Kyle was a spectacular emcee, and I can't thank my dear friends Morgan and Leslie Luttrell, Jay and Amy Novacek, Scott O'Grady, Derek Holland, and Craig Gentry for giving so much! Morgan and Scott are the real deal American heroes. They have protected us all and deserve our eternal gratitude.  Who knew Jay was such a comedian! It's obvious his beautiful wife Amy keeps him balanced! Derek Holland and Craig Gentry are the role models we need for our youth to look up to in sports. Not only are they super stars on the field, they are superb men off the field as well.
     For everyone that was in attendance, thank you for your support!  To the guests, the men and women in our millitary, police, fire, and the families taht wait for them at home, I am thankful for you and your support. I will never take it or you for granted, and I will always be At Your Service.
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