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Friends and Neighbors,


     I am humbled by your encouragement and support as my family and I work to discern if we are called to run for Sheriff of Tarrant County.

     This is an office that has tremendous importance in the safeguards of the liberties we enjoy.  The daily actions of law enforcement are the filters of the Constitution at work.  The Sheriff is at the front line of such ideas and their practice.  This office’s actions affect us all as we go about our daily lives.  It is often unseen, but it needs to be relentless and with a passion and vision.

   I am asking for your prayerful support.  Any monetary donation is very much appreciated and I thank you in advance.  God bless you all.


                              - Bill Waybourn

Contribution Disclaimer:


State law requires us to use best efforts to collect and report the full name and address, principal occupation or job title, and full name of employer of individual whose contributions equal or exceed $500 in a reporting period. Corporate contributions are prohibited by law. Contributions to political campaigns are not tax-deductible.

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