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Letter From Taya Kyle


I would like to introduce you to one of Chris’s and my closest friends, Chief Bill Waybourn.


Bill Waybourn is running for Sherriff of Tarrant County in Texas. Even if you aren’t a voter in this area, or even in Texas, I hope you will give a moment of your time to read about who Bill is and what he means to our family. Bill has been the Chief of Police in DalWorthington Gardens for 30 years. He is a humble man who served honorably in the military before becoming a police officer and Chief.


Chris talked to some different police departments after he got out of the military. Chief Waybourn is the one person Chris REALLY wanted to work for and with. They became very close friends. The thing about Bill, is that he is a good Christian man and ministers to people without even knowing he is doing it. His values are strong and his officers tend not to leave because he is fair, righteous and values the family and community as much as he values his own family.


He is passionate about fathering the fatherless. He and his wife Laura are adoptive parents many times over. Perhaps the thing I respect the most about Chief Waybourn is he WALKS the WALK. Every year Chris and I took the kids to the annual Christmas parade in DalWorthington Gardens where the first responders drive slowly through town in a parade with Santa Clause and they hand out candy canes and laugh with members of the community who stand outside eagerly awaiting the annual visit. That is just one example of how he cares for the community and shows them he is invested in them above and beyond his duties.


Chief Waybourn and his wife Laura have been spiritual mentors to Chris and me. They have a gentle way of staying strong in the storm. It is comforting to know their firm stance on right and wrong coupled with their understanding of the trouble life brings all of us, and the mistakes we make along the way. Chief Waybourn started the conversation with Chris and me about getting Veterans credit for their military service when they are in Texas looking for jobs as civilians. He testified to the state legislature and played a role in getting the bill passed.


The point is, he is a good man who runs a transparent department and who lives his life with integrity and a commitment to those he serves both personally and professionally.


I care about Texas. I care about having someone who is strong and fair at the helm. I care about our first responders and who they report to. It is for all of these reasons, that I am choosing this one time to step far outside my comfort zone and endorse any candidate for a political office. Chief Waybourn is a giving man who makes an honest living with his wife, who is a children’s advocate and is raising their children instead of working outside the home for the time being. I am astounded to know that running a campaign for Sherriff costs around $500,000 to get the campaign fully running. Clearly, we need to raise money to support the right humble people in their efforts to make a difference. If you can spare any donation to contribute to the campaign, I will be honored as you join me in getting a good man in a position to make a positive change. I am personally grateful for any help you can give. In addition, if you will share this post regardless of where you live, I appreciate it.


Today the announcement is being made. I would never suggest to others to do something I am not willing to do. I am personally contributing to his campaign today. Any amount you can give with me, will make a difference. The website for donations is


Thank you and God Bless you all!

Micah 6:8

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